Swinging around my priorities


Sometimes you need to give them a push.

Credits: imgur via Riptides75, reddit r/gifs, GIPHY, Adrian Moigradan, GIFs Community and Facebook


Doggy drones



Drones: great for aerial camera footage; also great for making doggers collide in an epic and funny way. Bow wow!

Credits: Animated GIFs via Marianne Sansum, luay ali, Reaction Gifs and Google+

Sleepy baba… or is she?


Today I discovered that my youngest niece, Maliyah, is a little bedtime trickster. Only a month old, and she has already learnt herself the art of convincing her Mummy and Daddy Dearest that she’s asleep, but it seems she was caught just lying there with her eyes still open. She’s becoming smart like her big sister 😂

Credit: Babygaga

Princess Diana – 20 years on


Today is the 20th anniversary of the passing of the UK’s Princess Diana, the much-loved ‘People’s Princess’. Here she is seen in a home video getting a pretend powder touchup from her son Prince William.

Credits: Emily Diana via Claire Burns and Pinterest