Devotion of tears


Emotional scenes from various Disney/Pixar films (Up, The Lion King, Frozen and Monsters, Inc.). Disney was always very good at tugging on the heartstrings.

Credits: Disney and Pixar via طارق ارفاعيه, GIFs new and Google+



My family are big fans of the Minions. They’re very cute and smart little guys. My niece is practically addicted to them, and my sister keeps a toy Minion in her bathroom that gives you a fright every time you enter. It detects movement and as soon as you’re in, it gives off one of its trademark Minionisms.

Apparently the word ‘Minion’ does not mean ‘servant’ in the usual sense of them being Gru’s servants but comes from the French ‘mignon’, which translates as ‘cute’.


Credit: wwwarw via dispicable me 2 gif/Tumblr