Lately, I’ve become a bit of a narcissist and crammed my phone full of selfies made using Snapchat. It’s all good fun though, and I would say it’s less about vanity and more about using the app’s filter to ‘paint’ my face as a canvas. My favourite, and it seems a lot of Snapchat fans’ is the puppy face/dog filter, like the one demonstrated by the young man in the GIF above.

Credits: LUKEHEMMINGSDAILY and Tumblr via Pinterest

A very sad goodbye

Today at my office, we recieved the very sad news that nearly everyone in our research department has been made redundant. I have worked and been friends with many of them for 7 or 8 years. It’s a tough goodbye, but I wish them all the best. I will miss you guys. Still in shock….

Credits: Pantelis Pan and Pinterest