Passport duties


This lunchtime I helped my friend with his son’s passport application by becoming a countersignatory for him online. Alway glad to help a mate!

Credits: Tumblr via GIPHY

Thank you sir or (madame)


Gender assumption and thanks. A bitter-sweet pill to swallow.

Credits: imgur via folkingawesome, reddit r/HighQualityGifs and GIPHY

Framed tweets



In an age where social media discourse rules the waves of the ‘Net’, you can now acquire something for your home that’s a blend of old and new. Pick your fave tweet and frame it for your living room wall.

Credit: Framed Tweets

Piano recital



La musique adoucit les mŇďurs….ūüėČ

Music softens the manners …. ūüėČ

Credits:¬†Marius van Dokkum and Mira via¬†Fidjie Fidjie,¬†Gifs Anim√©s: art ,humour,animaux…¬†and Google+

For when she argues too much


When getting into a disagreement with a selfie fan, having your phone handy for when she starts bickering is a smart move, and besides, it’s well cute!

Credits: (Animated GIFs) and Dirty via Al Heden Chrism, Awesome GIF’s and Facebook