Déjeuner en paix


🎶”…Elle m’a dit qu’elle voulait si je le permettais
Déjeuner en paix..“🎶
Stephan Eicher

“She told me she wanted if I allowed it
Lunch in peace” – Stephan Eicher

Credits: TARINGA! via Fidjie Fidjie, Gifs Animés: art ,humour,animaux… and Google+

In total agreement


Here in the south-east of England, the weather has been very agreeable as of late. Hot as hell, but not stifling, more like North African. A great opportunity to crack open the beers or 7Ups and enjoy the warm days we’re having out in the garden. But be quick, rain is expected later today.

Credits: John Hancock Retirement Community via Fast Company and GIPHY

Thirsty work dealing with tricksters


This cat is ingenious in how it uses its paw as a sponge to soak up water from the glass proferred to it. The look on its face when the glass is jokingly taken away is also worthy of an Oscar.

Credits: 4GIFs.com (Animated GIFs) via imgur and 4GIFs.com Facebook page