Old-timer photographer



“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”

Credits: Oxford MedSoc via GifCities and Internet Archive, Tammy Lamoureux and PetaPixel

Mr Shah, ideas for your next holiday adventure


86 per cent of millennials like to immerse themselves in a new culture while on holiday. Of course, we’re usually open minded, willing to try new things and experiences, and why would you travel halfway across the world, just to eat the same food you eat at home and hover around a pool all day. Go out, expand your horizons. This GIF came courtesy of Lloyds Bank in a email sent in June 2017.

Credits: Lloyds Bank via Outlook

Happy 16th birthday Anjali


Today is my youngest sister Anjali‘s sixteenth brithday. Apart from being an awesome sister and amazing friend, she has always supported me in my blogging endeavours and everything else really.

She loves photography and I dub her the ‘selfie sniper’ because she is lightning fast at taking pictures of you when you least expect it.


Credits: Douxe and Tumblr via iDIVA