Do you even remember?


…the crazy cacophony that was the 1990s?

Credits: saint-vhs and Tumblr via Felipe Nunes, vaporwave and Pinterest


It’s a dog’s life


Walking around on some soppy leash…naah!, done that before. Let’s try some human stuff.

Credits: GIPHY via Sanjay Dhingra. GIFs Community and Facebook

Uber launching flying cars in 2020 🚀


We wanted flying cars, all we got was a Chrome extension that blocks tweets longer than 140 characters.

Taxi firm Uber, which has a food delivery arm, is planning to branch out into flying cars by 2020. The company announced an on-demand fully electric vertical takeoff and landing flying car service that looks like it’s straight out of The Jetsons.

Credits: Uber via AngelList and Outlook

Work phones


At my workplace I actually have two phone lines, my direct extension and a switchboard hotline for customers. Sometimes I have to be careful not to get the two confused. Caller ID on the screen helps though.

Credits: Vero Beach Florida Pool Table, Billiard Table and Snooker Table Service Information via GifCities and Internet Archive