Today in London, the British weather has been doing what it’s best at doing. Continuously raining since at least three in the morning. I had to lug my big Dunlop brolly with me and my colleague slipped in the rain, getting injured in the hand by hers in the process.

Credit: Skype unofficial blog

Autumn’s river


The tranquil river gently ushers past.

Trees in hues of red, gold and fire.

Autumn is stopping over.

Its copper colours a feast to admire.

 – Vijay Shah

Credits: zanoza via❄⁂❆ UmochkA ❄⁂❆ and Галерея поздравленийMaria, Jessica Smith, 🌟GIFs🌟 and Google+

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 36


A simple GIF from the website of Newham council (local government authority) advertising translation services for the borough’s residents. The borough of Newham, where Gifville is located, is one of the most multilingual areas in the UK.

GIF: TRANSLATIONS                                                                                                DATE: 11/11/2007

Credits: Newham Council