Mother’s Day (UK) 2019


Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mother (Nanda the Panda from Uganda). She is an amazing cook, but is also not afraid to tuck into some takeaway (usually burgers/chicken/chips/kebabs/wraps/Turkish food) with us.

Credits: Caroline Director and Tumblr via Caroline Director and GIPHY

Down the Tubes


I have just been reading this fascinating article on Tube stations here in London, then and now. Several stations are mentioned, with special slider galleries showing the station’s entrance in the past and how they look now, side-by-side. The article by TimeOut can be seen here. For those of you curious about which is my nearest Tube station, it would be Plaistow, with Canning Town being second closest.

Credits: Robbie Khan Photography and Facebook via Giphy and Metro

The never-ending field

Running, charging, through this heather-clad field.

I can’t seem to find a way out.

That nature’s beauty keeps my lips sealed.

But the silence of perpetuity I can never doubt.

Everything going forward is the same.

Sameness perhaps is what life and fields are only ever about.

(A poem by Vijay Shah)

Credits: Tumblr via Sharon KirkGIFS to share. GIFS à partager and Facebook