A fearsome dinosaur that actively preyed on prehistoric fries and Archaeopteryx McNuggets. It had puny hands though, so couldn’t hold a Big Macosaurus, even if it could swallow it whole.

Credits: Steven Spielberg, Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures via Slader Sketchiness, Tumblr, GIPHY, Eric Albany, GIFs Community and Facebook


Sharing burgers means caring owners


This hungry pup has no chill when it comes to the cheeseburgers.

Credits: ViralHog via Профессор Преображенский, Санал Чемидов, Reaction Gifs and Google+

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Thud Butt from the film Hook (1991) discovers the pirate lair’s best kept secret (treasure). Tasty candy floss kittens. And nearly eats them to extinction.

GIF: kitten muncha                                                                                                                                DATE: 01/05/2010

Credits: Ratedesi Forums

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The Demolition Man. He’ll be back, saying ‘hasta la vista’ to yet another unlucky carrot.

GIF: ArnoldCarrot                                                                                                    DATE: 14/06/2008

Credits: Ratedesi Forums