Mouse infestation reported at local nightclub


Not content with devouring the club’s stocks of roasted peanuts and crisps, these larger-than-normal mice have also began harrassing its patrons. The disorder is particularly bad on Saturday nights, when grown mice have been spotted crying among the crowds of Jaegerbomb soaked revellers.

Credits: NBC (Saturday Night Live) via Saturday Night Live and Giphy

Simon’s Cat – sod the internet, feed me!


A GIF from the famous Simon’s Cat series. Simon’s Cat wants some attention, and not even Simon’s report on the West African fish trade will get in this kitty’s way.

Credits: Simon’s Cat via TumblrEygló Rúnarsdóttir‎, Awesome GIF’s and Facebook

Music that brings the animals together


The cats and mice of Gifville once again set aside their differences and hunger to make sweet music instead. Here we have Fifi and Max on the violins and that mouse that got into my Ritz crackers last night leading the performance with cymbals. Let’s hope no-one gets peckish after this mega show.

Credits: SonnetteCenterblog via GIFS Animated and Facebook