Our cat angel



Yesterday evening, after suffering a stroke two days before, our pet cat Lucky was put to sleep at a vets’ surgery in Chadwell Heath. She is now an angel in animal heaven and is probably now keeping a firm eye on us and her naughty playmate Neo from up there. We miss you, Muchi Mao Mao….

Credits: Velvet Paws via GifCities and Internet Archive

Lucky – forever missed


I just found out yesterday that one of my Mum’s cats, named Lucky, may have been put to sleep after badly injuring herself while running in the kitchen the day before. I haven’t received proper confirmation yet, but will be visiting my Mum and siblings today. Yesterday night I made a memorial GIF for Lucky, my tubby little ‘cushion’.

Credits: naghi63 and Google+ via Pinterest

We mourn with you – Paris attacks

A GIF made by a Portuguese speaker depicting the Portuguese coat-of-arms and the Eiffel Tower of Paris, in a cross-cultural homage to the victims of the attacks there.

Made using PicMix, it simply reads “Estamos de luto convosco” – “We mourn with you”.

Credits: PicMix via Fátima Soares‎GIFS to share. GIFS à partager. and Facebook