Send your mum something yum


I can’t cook that well, and ordering takeaway for your mum just sounds a bit tacky, but my younger siblings did treat my mum to a nice dinner at the new Nandos in Goodmayes, so there’s something.

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Mother’s Day (UK) 2019


Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mother (Nanda the Panda from Uganda). She is an amazing cook, but is also not afraid to tuck into some takeaway (usually burgers/chicken/chips/kebabs/wraps/Turkish food) with us.

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UK Mother’s Day 2018 – 1


Happy Mother’s Day to all the super mums !!!

This post is also dedicated to my own special Mummy. Thanks for everything you have done for me, and for shaping my life and the way I am, good or bad. I appreciate the things and love you have given us… Love you Mum!

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