The first kiss


” Le souvenir du premier baiser échangé ne s’efface jamais entièrement. “
Pierre-Jules Stahl
© Flying Bee Animations

“The memory of a first kiss exchanged never fades completely.” – Pierre-Jules Stahl

Credits: Flying Bee Animations via Fidjie Fidjie, Gifs Animés: art ,humour,animaux… and Google+

Sliding tackle


A tackle that failed so badly (or was it unluckily) that the poor guy slid right out of that pitch, right out of that football ground and slid straight onto the bus for the ride of shame home.

Credits: Nike via Nike Football, Giphy, UpsGif, GIFs and Facebook

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I don’t know what’s more silly. The fact that this footballer was (nearly) tackled by one of his own teammates, or that the tackle was poorly executed (with comical results). Painful.

GIF: clashing footballers zzzgp8                                                                DATE: 17/05/2008

Credits: Ratedesi Forums