Work experience with my brother


For the past four days, my younger brother Suraj has been doing work experience with the IT team at my office. He did lots of admin, equipment tasks and troubleshooting. Today’s his last day here and he will be writing up the experience for the IT diploma course he’s doing at college.

Credits: The Simpsons on FXX via Giphy

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 92


Resident ‘The Simpsons’ dweeb Milhouse Van Houten cuts a lonely figure in this classic GIF of him playing a one-boy game of frisbee. Never did loneliness have such a visually relaxing effect as this GIF does.

GIF: lonely2rg5                                                                                                            DATE: 15/03/2008

Credits: Ratedesi Forums