Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 187


This bouncy Labrador has a bit of a mean streak.

GIF: DogsGreaterThanAsterisk                                                                       DATE: 11/07/2008

Credits: Ratedesi Forums

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 62


A GIF made from a news clip by the American Broadcasting Co. – where a toddler reaches out to touch the family cat, only to get a less-than-friendly response.

GIF: ABC CAT BANGS OUT TODDLER                                                                            DATE: 22/12/2007

Credits: ABC via Ratedesi Forums

Horrible mother is horrible


What a nasty woman!. Someone call social services. Also, what kind of crazy spicy dish is she preparing? I’m half-Asian and even I have never seen anyone with that many chillies on the cooking table.

Credits: Via Eszter Élőné EklicsGifs Lovers and Google+