I fell in love with your eyes


Falling in love is great. It colours your whole world and makes your days inspiring.

Credits: Leona’s creations and Astronomy with Tru via GifCities and Internet Archive

Alchemical Marriage I – Sacred Geometry


A new series of GIFs from the innovative and unique animated image and mixed-media artist Ansel Bickerton of Sacred Geometry from Texas.

This piece features two flower of life patterns that converge along with concentric circles. As a wedding gift for two friends of mine, this mixed media painting symbolizes their marriage. The interference pattern in the center I dub the “eternal knot”.

Credits: Ansel Bickerton and Sacred Geometry

Laptops – not washproof


A clip from an Indian drama serial where a kindly housewife does everything for her husband, even super-cleaning his laptop. Hubby is not too impressed though :/

Credits: Meu Windows, Humor, Rodolfo, Os Melhores Gifs do Mundo and Google+

Bengali princess – Hridoy Khan video gif



A beautiful Bengali wife applies sindoor (powder symbolising marriage) to her hair as she lovingly awaits her husband’s arrival.

This GIF was taken from a music video from Bangladesh. The song is called “Ki Jala Dia Gela More”, sung by Hridoy Khan and video directed by Ripon Khan. It stars Arju and Sara.

Credits: piash07 and Gifsoup, via Ripon Khan and YouTube