Flower of Life IV – Sacred Geometry

A colour-shifting GIF based on artwork by Ansel Bickerton, an artist based in Austin, Texas – USA.

Each .gif originates from a mixed media painting (acrylic, ink, and colored pencil) from my most recent set of ten flower of life paintings. By shifting the colors I feel as though these really breathe. – Ansel Bickerton

Credits: Ansel Bickerton and Sacred Geometry

Come fly with me!


When all else fails, don’t run for the hills… just reach for the sky. Life may be full of steep cliffs, but you can overcome the challenges and reach ever higher.

Credits: Tumblr via Eygló Rúnarsdóttir, Awesome GIF’s and Facebook

Flower Tunnel – Sacred Geometry

As you tumble into the shining ethereal essence, a flower rises from the glow to give you peace and hope, before absorbing you into its heart – and through the tunnel of life. Based on the ‘Flower of Life’ painting series by the artist.

Designed by artist Ansel Bickelton, this GIF is part of the ongoing collaboration between them and Gifville.

Credits: Ansel Bickleton and Sacred Geometry

The circle of evolution

An artistic representation of the theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin. As the ‘organisms’ move from the leaves in the centre of the design, they evolve into amoebae, then primordial fish, shrews, apes and briefly, people.

Credits: TumblrSune Orange Lilla‎Awesome GIF’s and Facebook

No stopping in the rat race

A Banksy-style reinterpretation of a road traffic sign in an unnamed British city…or just a commentary on life?.

When you’re working and trying to reach the top, it does feel like being a rat on a hamster wheel. Wake up, work, eat, sleep, rinse, repeat. Thankfully blogging is one thing that gives me an occasional break from jogging on the corporate wheel.

Credits: Tumblr via Facebook