Double combo


What a load of bull. Poor Mexican man gets the bull and the horns… twice!! Gonna need a lot of ‘cerveza Sol’ to recover from that ordeal.

Credits: TOROS via GifGifMagazine, Milorad Vidojevic, GifGif survives Gif`s, GifGif and Facebook

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 389


It seems ‘goggies’ are taking over the world. They’ve already colonised our hearts. They’ve learnt to cross the road (see yesterday’s post)… and now they’ve learnt how to dance the merengue of the Dominican Republic.

GIF: merengue-dog-gif                                                                                      DATE: 03/09/2010

Credit: CHEEZburger Memebase Señor GIF