Blockbusters intro


A GIF I made of the intro for the hit 1980s and 1990s British game show ‘Blockbusters’ which I watched a lot in my youth. Sadly I couldn’t capture the really cool theme music that came with it 😦 . A nice bit of nostalgia for you all.

Credits: Vijay Shah via Challenge TV,  Jamie (r3trojay) and YouTube GB

ITV Schools ident on Channel 4 – 1987


Our second ever self-made GIF by Gifville.

This features the CGI ident used by the ITV Schools educational programming initiative on Channel 4 in the UK. This was aired on the 14th September 1987, ITV Schools’ first day of broadcast.

I chose this to be ‘gifised’ for three reasons: the beauty of the graphics, the fact that this CGI was revolutionary for its time, and that in 1992, I would often see this graphic before my favourite morning kids’ shows when I was a boy of 7-8 years. Lovely memories.

Credits: ITV Schools, Channel 4, schoolworks and YouTube