Do you have… the Gifville code?


Recently I decided to upskill myself a little and signed up with Codecademy for a free course in coding for HTML. This means I’ll be making the first steps towards building a website. It’s fascinating stuff, and doesn’t seem as difficult as I’d thought it would be. If you’re not getting the title of this post, then go on a video site and search “Armani code adverts”…

Credit: Atom

Flags and maps and things


Two miniature GIFs I stumbled upon while doing research for a work report on energy industries in Cote d’Ivoire. Decisively old-school Web 1.0, these GIFs offer links to find maps and flags of the world. The Theodora World Flags one at the top is very well executed in how the flags change from one nation to the next.

Credits: World Flags and Quick Maps via ita, Photius Coutsoukis and Information Technology Associates