My morning cup cappuccino


Normally, this man’s a tea drinker. But this morning I’m having a Nescafe cappuccino (from powder) from a sachet of the beany stuff my colleague/friend Sandra gave me for free yesterday. Sadly I don’t have a barista handy to do fancy patterns on the froth :/

Credit: PopKey



Me and my colleague/friend Sandra are at work, talking about coffee and tea… while I’m about to tuck into a large mug of tea myself, partly to stave off a sore throat or throat infection I’ve had for the past two days.

Credits: Rexanna Keats and Recipe of the Week via GifCities and Internet Archive

One espresso, please


When I was a university student, I would hang out at the canteen and order a coffee. Very un-Mauritian like I know, but then I’d mix hot chocolate with a double espresso. Despite what you may think, it was actually really good, especially for study days.

Credits: Giphy via Fatma Özsezer, GIFS to share. GIFS à partager. and Facebook