India 2017 – Back in the UK


After two weeks in India, I’m now back home at London, and this is my first post since arriving at my home and Gifville HQ. I’m still getting used to Brit life and I can say I had a great holiday with lots of memories and experiences to look back on.

Credits: Tele Rickshaw via Giphy and Tele Rickshaw Facebook page

Delhi Oh Delhi



I recently went for 5 days to New Delhi (and 3.5 days to Vadodara) as part of my holiday in India. We stayed in the Diplomatic Enclave area of Chanakyapuri city district and witnessed the Republic Day parade on 26th January. We are tons of butter chicken!!

Credit: Tapan Babbar and Delhi Timeline

Aradhana, Alibag – Revas Rd, Nandai Fata, Agarsure, Maharashtra 402201

Happy flying with Star Alliance


Patrick Star clearly has a fear of flying.

This post is dedicated to the hard-working planes (and their crews) constantly flying in and out of nearby London City Airport. Also dedicated to myself. I’ll be flying out to sunny India three days from now. In case you’re wondering, it’ll be on an evening flight with Jet Airways. I have less a fear of flying and more of a fear of derisory levels of legroom.

Credit: Tenor

Bahamas, July 2 1987


Despite Uncle Derek still quite hungover from the pina colada marathon he endured at the hotel yesterday, he managed to bring the video camera with him and we shot some amazing sunsets here at South Ocean Beach. It almost felt like an episode of Miami Vice.

(This GIF was based on footage from an old VCR player, filmed in the seaside town of Zadar, Croatia in 2016. Thanks to Vectormon for the background info – VS 29/10/2016)

Credits: V3K+0RM0N and Tumblr via vektormon and Giphy

Wing it yeah!


A promotional GIF from holiday site Hang out with your mates in the mountains on scarily narrow rock ledges, then just wait for the Giant Finger of Grenoble to bounce you all off and straight into paragliding. You can see the full series of ‘Happy summer!’ animated holiday snaps at the link in Credits.

Credits: and Giphy via Cris Alvim, GIFS to share. GIFS à partager. and Facebook