Quilted for you…


… painful for the bog roll sheets.

Credits: Moonchay via imgur, sometimes-I-say-cool, Reddit GIFs and Giphy




Internet Call Manager – a service launched in the 1990s for people to be able to monitor incoming calls while they were using the phone line for their dial-up internet. It was the flagship product of InfoInterActive, a small US tech firm. Oh, the days before broadband and mobiles, aye!

Credits: a1telecoms via GifCities and Internet Archive

Olympic accident selfie


A biker loses control and crashes into someone else at a Olympic torch relay (possibly for Rio 2016?). What does the guy in the green t-shirt do as everyone else rushes to help. “Naw man, selfie time….15 minutes of fame”. Come on mate, put the phone away and make yourself useful!

Credits: GifRainer (Rainer Silva) via João Ariel Belegante, Humor, Daniel Andry, GIFs! and Google+

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 133


Police in the make-believe city of Lazytown have been drafted in to help find influential resident Stephanie Meanswell, who was abducted today by notorious ursine criminal Pedobear. He tricked her into thinking he was her friend Sportacus, and was seen dragging her away before both disappeared.

GIF: lazytown gets banged                                                                                          DATE: 26/04/2008

Credits: Ratedesi Forums