Happy 8th birthday Shaniya


Today I wish my awesome, smart and kind-hearted niece Shaniya a very happy birthday. The world’s number one Pinky Pie fan turns eight today. Best wishes and lots of hugs for you, dearest Flamingo/Shoobz/Nye-Nye/Shan/Mads/Puglet… she has a lot of nicknames.

Credits: HF and URLBaron.com via Trudy Lapinskis and Pinterest

Happy 25th birthday Azzy


Today one of my younger brothers turns a quarter of a century. They call him ‘the Hitman’ but I call him an awesome brother. Load of best wishes for this special day, Azzy. Don’t worry, one day, you’ll have that army of meerkats.

Credits: Dave Sutton (Acorn), Happy Birthday Animations and Google+

My 32nd birthday


Yay!…it’s the 4th of October, 2016, and today I’ve turned 32. An old friend from Gifville, the Psychedelic Paws Cat, has popped over this morning to wish this old fart a happy birthday.

Meanwhile, IRL, here’s a message one of my sisters left me on WhatsApp:


Cant believe u are 32. U old fart. Hope u have a lovely day and expect your bday beats when i see ya. Lol… lots of hugs and kisses from ur crazy ass sis and ur lil niece xxxxxxxx

Credits: Best Animations via Giphy

Happy birthday, my dear felines


Welcome to the place where cats can celebrate.

Derived from the article *La Mulți Ani Pisicuțe, Motănei :)* by Ileana at Odaița Mea Virtuală, one of Gifville’s best friends.

Credits: Ileana and Odaița Mea Virtuală, Photobucket

Happy 28th Birthday Alia!!

Today’s GIF is dedicated to my sister and partner-in-crime Alia, who turns 28 today. She is a massive baking fan, whose scrumptious specialities include homemade bread, banoffee pie and cupcakes.


Credits: drowning-under-the-oceans and Tumblr