Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 218


“How can she slap?!”

An infamous scene from the awesomely stupid Indian reality gameshow Bindass Dadagiri. In one episode, aired in 2008, a group of contestants are abused by an obnoxious harlot wannabe named Esha. She insults them and slaps one, Ravi Bhatia, full across the face, causing him to retaliate. He ends up getting beaten up by the host and his assistants, while asking the infamous question you see above.

GIF: geovic india slap in da face                                                                                DATE: 06/09/2008

Credits: UTV Software Communications and Geovid via Ratedesi Forums



THIS is the face of a man who just threw his trousers out of the window of a moving car. A couple of scenes from British television channel UKTV’s game show Taskmaster.

Credits: UKTV Play via UKTV Play, Giphy and UKTV Play Facebook page


Blockbusters intro


A GIF I made of the intro for the hit 1980s and 1990s British game show ‘Blockbusters’ which I watched a lot in my youth. Sadly I couldn’t capture the really cool theme music that came with it 😦 . A nice bit of nostalgia for you all.

Credits: Vijay Shah via Challenge TV,  Jamie (r3trojay) and YouTube GB