Me hundo hasta el fondo y me elevo hasta la cima



And then I rise to the tops of the clouds, to spark lightning and dance with hailstones.

Credits: nuggetsonmymouth and Tumblr via Sonia Harel, Gif and Pinterest

Universe – Sacred Geometry


A variation of the last gif [4/45] ( – this one is titled “Universe”) – to me it looks like a universe, or galaxy with a large emanating energy field. This one also uses my mixed media painting “Double Spirals” as it’s foundation.


Credits: Ansel Bickerton and Sacred Geometry

Watching the Milky Way under a baobab tree

Watching the Milky Way slowly swing by under a clear sky in a faraway part of the world. That’s an epic moment that everyone should experience.

Credits: Ghizela Cornelia StoicaGIFS to share. GIFS à partager. and Facebook