A PC in the slow lane


My work computer really ground up my gears this afternoon. While fixing up a big file of data for an African telecoms event, the obnoxious little machine decided to go slooooooooow. Really slow. Damn near made me kick the thing in. I was cursing and fuming. Fortunately I was able to do some troubleshooting and closed down a couple of programs to spark up the PC’s performance again. Slow clap, Windows 7, slow clap, just like your slow self.

Credits: GIPHY via Lucidica Ltd

Awkward turns



If I was a driving instructor, I’d be tearing my hair out now just watching this camera footage shot in October 2013.

Credits: GIPHY via Nika Kodelashvili, GIFs Community and Facebook

Perpetual coffee table – with complimentary Digestive


Like any typical Briton, there’s not much more I enjoy than a good tea or coffee with biscuits and lots of me time. It’s a tradition that has always been a specialty of mine. But I think even I’d balk at the prospect of having a tea break for eternity.

Apologies for no post this morning. WordPress was having a problem with its bloggers being able to post directly from their blogs. Technical difficulties, as you might say.

Credits: Au Moje Koule via Al Heden Chrism, Awesome GIF’s and Facebook