#30YearsofGIFs – 8


In the earliest days of the net, GIFs and JPGs for different aspects of this brave new world often made reference to pre-existing technologies and objects. For example, the above GIF shows two letterboxes for email, a virtual reinterpretation of the traditional door flap for letters and parcels. This analogy helped people be more comfortable with the new technology by relating it to things they were already familiar with IRL.

Credits: Vijay Shah, Blingee

Take a gander at my weekend dance

Mihai the duck embraces the TGIF spirit and shuffles his way to a exhilarating weekend. Even though he probably spends more time scoffing bread than cooped up in front of a keyboard, we’ll let him have his fun.

Credits: Via Liliane BrainGIFS to share. GIFS à partager. and Facebook