Burning the candle at both ends


Sam Ballardini is a freelance designer & illustrator living in New York.

Sam’s work has been featured on Juxtapoz, Supersonic Art, Absolute Mag, Bleaq Blog, and Giphy.

Credits: Sam Ballardini and SquareSpace via Giphy

It ain’t half hot, landlord!


This post is dedicated to the bumbling idiot that is my landlord, who insists on leaving the house heating on all night and at high temperatures, just because he is scared of a bit of cold, while he subjects us housemates to stifling tropical conditions. You, sir, are an imbecile.

Credit: FirstCall Boilers & Plumbing

Lighter appeal

As a not particularly regular smoker, lighters are practically my best friends for when on those five-minute breaks. I am looking to quit eventually, but for now, let’s roll the wheel and make sparks fly. Burn, baby, burn.

Credits: Awesome via Ma Page de gifs animés via Facebook