BUC promo banner


The above is a advertising banner type GIF I created on a whim for a company I consult for. I made it from a series of stock images using GIF portal EZGIF.com, along with the logo of the consultancy. My friend, who owns the company, was very impressed with it, and this could possibly be used on its website or externally to promote on other sites.

Credits: Vijay Shah, EZGIF.com

Bridging your way with some commercial ads


I spotted these two adverts on an article about Brexit and Islamic finance on the Bridging and Commercial website while doing some social media work for a consultancy I work for. You can go chill with penguins while sorting out a loan, before calling up Alex for some new property investment business to help you pay off those bridging loans.

Credits: MT Finance and Lendinvest via Bridging & Commercial

US Dollar up against the euro


A scrolling ticker on a red and green LED screen displaying forex rates for the American dollar and Europe’s euro currency. This Giphy article was influenced by the Amman Stock Exchange.

Credits: Eagle Eye One Solutions Inc. via Giphy

Arabian Industry flags GIF

The GIF above was produced by ArabianIndustry.com, a Middle Eastern finance news service in English. This GIF features the flags of different Arabic nations in a modern minimalist format and offers ‘free tenders’ of some sort. A really cool method of showing the latest in groundbreaking flag design online.

Credits: ArabianIndustry.com via Utilities-me.com