Peacock Spider Christmas Extravaganza


I’m seeing some wonderful and impressive Peacock spiders (genus Maratus) in there! Aside from wishing you a Merry Christmas, these little fellas are looking to get some Christmas action from the ladies. In order to achieve this they need impressive booties (the more brightly coloured the better) and some sweet dance moves.

Credits: Jurgen Otto (Peacockspiderman) and YouTube via SnakeBuddies, imgurJavaReallySucks and Reddit GIFs, FillsYourNiche

The Lovely GIFs festive tree


The Christmas tree at Lovely GIFs HQ is now up and flashing. Lovely GIFs is a Brazilian GIF page on Google+, which has been an important source of material for us. From Melk Marques and the gang, a merry Christmas.

Credits: Wildchildz Desinez via MELK MARQUES, LOVELY GIFS✿*ڰۣ*, Google+ and GMail

December decorations

Outside decorations and lights for Christmas. A wonderful concept. They just make everything much more festive and cheerful, as well as being great ‘eye candy’. Happy December!!!

Credits: Via Vânia Brito, GIFS to share. GIFS à partager. and Facebook