That purple bird


Within the past couple of days, a mysterious purple bird, nodding violently, has been appearing in comments on pages all over Facebook. The bird originates from a sticker collection called ‘Trash Doves’, designed by Syd Weiler. The trend, said to have first originated in Thailand, has become so widespread even the BBC reported on it.

Credits: Giphy

Facebook anniversary


I am a member of social media site Facebook and this month I celebrated my ninth year on it. I joined on the 8th December, 2008. Facebook released a special personalised video, with lots of cool badges, brilliantly captured in the above GIF.

Credits: Vijay Shah and Facebook

Moving on the motorway



Twisting, turning, making each movement, each step, a piece in the story. Fluid kinetic expression on an empty road.

I created this GIF from a promotional video on Facebook for Bose headphones.

Credits: Vijay Shah, Bose and Facebook