Brexit kitty



Just like Britain and its Brexit negotiations with the EU, no-one knows whether it’s going in or out, when it’s leaving, what bloody article to trigger, who’s getting triggered… oh boy!

Credits: Simon’s Cat and via Collin Fisher and Facebook

European net neutrality


This summer, the EU decides on net neutrality. If we lose, European ISPs win the power to give some sites & apps special treatment—while slowing others to a crawl.  – Gifville supports a free Internet!!

Credits: via Rabirius

Britain’s EU Referendum


Today, the UK decides in a nationwide referendum whether to leave (Brexit) or stay (Bremain) within the EU. There is a lot of impassioned debate on both sides, and much controversy too. What will the future hold for the UK-EU relationship?. Only time (and votes) will tell.

Credits: Radio New Zealand

EU negotiations


Our prime minister David Cameron recently went to Brussels, the heart of the European Union to negotiate some terms for the UK vis-a-vis our relationship with the EU. Meanwhile some people here are going nuts over the ‘Brexit’ debate and forthcoming referendum on continued EU membership. Of particular issue are all these celebrities and politicians emerging with their ten-a-penny opinions about which way we should vote. Stay. Leave. Aaargh!.

Credits: gfycat via ‎Paul Cook‎, EEA visa.. EU free movement and Facebook