Sliding tackle


A tackle that failed so badly (or was it unluckily) that the poor guy slid right out of that pitch, right out of that football ground and slid straight onto the bus for the ride of shame home.

Credits: Nike via Nike Football, Giphy, UpsGif, GIFs and Facebook

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 234


Crashing and burning in front of a live studio audience, three judges.. and millions watching at home. For this unlucky performer, it wasn’t just his back that went ‘snap!’ that fateful day. A GIF from the era of the first reality talent shows.

GIF: oh snap                                                                                                                                       DATE: 25/10/2008

Credits: Ratedesi Forums



THIS is the face of a man who just threw his trousers out of the window of a moving car. A couple of scenes from British television channel UKTV’s game show Taskmaster.

Credits: UKTV Play via UKTV Play, Giphy and UKTV Play Facebook page


Embarrassed Kitteh


Some things are so embarrassing, so excruciating, so “OMG blushing!!”…that paper bags over the head seem like the least worse of options.

Sylvester Jr. demonstrates the functionality of grocery bags for those awkward moments in the GIF above, supplied by the UK’s Metro newspaper site.

Credit: Metro