Iranian presidential elections 2017


A promotional GIF banner from the Tasnim News Agency of Iran, showcasing their coverage of that nation’s presidential elections next week. The GIF features the Iranian national flag fluttering in the wind, and a ticker tape featuring the agency’s URL. I stumbled across this work of art while collecting articles for tweeting in one of my roles as a social media manager.

Credit: Tasnim News Agency

The Clinton-Crews shakey shoulder debate


Recently, American presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had a debate in front of the nation. But what you may have not known, is that she had a debate on back pain treatments with actor Terry Crews (of White Chicks fame), using nothing but quick movements of their shoulders.

Credits: Giphy via The best Gifs and Facebook

London Mayoral Elections 2016


Today is polling day for the elections for London mayor and the unseating of eccentric incumbent of the robes Boris Johnson. Up to now, it seems like a two-horse race between Labour’s Sadiq Khan and the Conservatives’ Zac Goldsmith. Unfortunately I didn’t get my postal voting forms. Rather disappointed to not be able to vote on my city’s future.

Credits: age UK Brent