Holographic foil rendered


The fabric of choice for many a 70s ‘superstar’.

Credits: Gustavo Spredemann, Leone Simonetti, Protobacillus and Tumblr via whiteeyes.club, Mila Kassner, rad. and Pinterest

Cornbread – the film



Like yellow starchy puddingy foods? Then check out the latest (well, 1990s latest) blockbuster to hit the cinemas of Gifville!

Credits: Indy Cinema Tours via GifCities and Internet Archive

Get in the van, no time to explain


A small scene from a piece of news footage from India’s Aaj Tak news channel, which broadcasts in the Hindi language. In this GIF, the first I’ve made using the new ‘ScreenToGif’ software, a van owned by the Indian Bank pulls up at a security checkpoint.

Credits: Vijay Shah, Aaj Tak and Gourav Joshi

Discovering my style in GIFs


A GIF from an online ad by UK shampoo and conditioner brand VO5. I was attracted to this ad by the bright lines and moire effect reminiscent of the patterns found on paper money. There is also the quick fade transtiions between the brand’s logo and the person giving a piece to camera about her experience with the product.

Credits: Vijay Shah via VO5 UK and Facebook

We are digital


Waves of texture and colour mark this piece of digital art from Nicolas Sassoon, entitled “WATERFALL 6”. He used hard-edge pixel patterns and an optical technique called moiré to help bring about the art.

This post was inspired by the company We Are Digital.

Credits: Nicolas Sassoon via Paddles ON!, Tumblr and Giphy

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 22


This classic GIF features the Aston Martin DBS V12 that appeared in the James Bond film Casino Royale, released in 2006. The image also stars titular actor Daniel Craig and the logos of Aston Martin (spinning) and of the film itself, set against a black background with a rippling water effect popular at that time. A unique piece of film memorabilia.

GIF: astonmarti_mpkopfts                                                                                      DATE: 11/08/2007

Credits: Danjaq, LLCRatedesi Forums