New Free Courses: Build Amazon Alexa Skills 🗣


“Alexa, tell me your innermost workings” – a GIF from an email by online coding school Codecademy advertising their new course on creating Alexa Skills.

Credit: Codecademy via GMail

Computer classes


A ‘multidimensional flyer’ I made promoting computer classes as a joke, using elements from the Blingee site and captured with GifCam, with a touch of London style ‘community ads’ from newspapers and influences of Geocities sites of the Nineties.

Credits: Vijay Shah, Blingee

Science Kombat Super


This could be a great way to get more kids interested in science, and making their studies in class more relevant to them. Mortal Kombat meets Bunsen burners from Brazil.

Credits: Diego Sanches and Piadas Nerds via Garrett’s Gifs To The World and Facebook

ITV Schools ident on Channel 4 – 1987


Our second ever self-made GIF by Gifville.

This features the CGI ident used by the ITV Schools educational programming initiative on Channel 4 in the UK. This was aired on the 14th September 1987, ITV Schools’ first day of broadcast.

I chose this to be ‘gifised’ for three reasons: the beauty of the graphics, the fact that this CGI was revolutionary for its time, and that in 1992, I would often see this graphic before my favourite morning kids’ shows when I was a boy of 7-8 years. Lovely memories.

Credits: ITV Schools, Channel 4, schoolworks and YouTube


The Goddess of learning, who blessed me with my academic strengths and ability to pick up new concepts and influences.

The GIF is titled “Sarasvati Maa” and is by religious image designer ‘vishnu108’ on DeviantArt.

Credits: vishnu108 and DeviantArt via Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir, Sarubera