Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 20


This is my 20th addition to the Classic GIFs collection here on Gifville, and today we’ve got an adorable little boy drifting effortlessly past a very surprised Korean businessman. A little ‘drift prince’ indeed.

GIF: tricycle drift                                                                                                  DATE: 04/08/2007

Credits: Ratedesi Forums


Smoke and glasses

When I was a younger adult, me and my friends would smoke hookah (shisha) in my old bedroom in Plaistow. We would get a cardboard tube, dip it in a mix of washing-up liquid and water and blow smoke-filled bubbles, with the smoke billowing about inside just like in this glass from a GIF by Akupa.

Credits: Akupa via Ma Page de gifs animés via Facebook