A new baby in the family



A little special announcement. My brother-in-law’s sister has just had a baby, a girl. The little baba is now a cousin-sister to my nieces and nephews, Saf, Shani, and Maliyah. Congratulations!!

Credits: Tara Shalton via loay kamel, Reaction Gifs and Google+

It’s a cold December


It’s been a cold month so far, thankfully not too much in the way of rain. But you know, when it’s pouring outside and grey and miserable, things brighten up quite a bit when you have a good book and some hot coffee or cocoa at your side. Bliss!

Credits: Meg Quinn/Moga, Art by Moga, Virgin Suicides (The Trees Like Lungs) and Tumblr via katie abson, Books and Pinterest

Train ride


Watching the world go by,

Dreaming of new things and new places.

New friends to make, new journeys to take,

Thoughts and decisions hurry on past like the metal tracks,

The train of my life hurries further on.

Credits: Tumblr via سعيد فيس (Saied Fis), GIFS to share. GIFS à partager. and Facebook