The show Berne Bastian


The life story of a Swiss vaporwave artist and party addict. Now out on VHS.

Credits: NeonDreams and Tumblr via victor hugo mendes, vprwv and Pinterest


tell me i’m dreaming


And it’s not just me visualising things in my sleep.

Credits: Grunge Life via Uneventful and Pinterest

Animations by Cyriak

This evening, Gifville brings you, humble viewer, a selection of surreal and in some cases, grotesque GIFs from the artist Cyriak. He is a freelance animator from Brighton in the UK and apart from GIFs, he also does a nice line in video animations which you can easily find on YouTube.

Sorry we forgot to warn you about the puked-up faces.

Credits: Cyriak via Tumblr, Bite the Belt, Photobucket, GiphyPaul Curry, Amazon Web Services via Al Heden Chrism, Awesome GIF’s and Facebook