The Umbrella Revolution



In 2014, Hong Kong saw protests against the downgrading of democracy in the Chinese-ruled territory. Many protesters came with yellow umbrellas which soon became a symbol of their agitation.

Credits: Carl Burton, ////////// and Tumblr via Britt Bailey, Haven: Environment and Pinterest

UK General Election June 2017


Today is voting day. It’s time to choose the destiny of this country for the next five years. Make an effort, go to your polling station and have your say. And yes, some politicians will certainly feel rejected after today.

Credits: Alexa Kerr via Giphy, Anna’s GIF, Anna’s GIF and Facebook

London Mayoral Elections 2016


Today is polling day for the elections for London mayor and the unseating of eccentric incumbent of the robes Boris Johnson. Up to now, it seems like a two-horse race between Labour’s Sadiq Khan and the Conservatives’ Zac Goldsmith. Unfortunately I didn’t get my postal voting forms. Rather disappointed to not be able to vote on my city’s future.

Credits: age UK Brent