The Clinton-Crews shakey shoulder debate


Recently, American presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had a debate in front of the nation. But what you may have not known, is that she had a debate on back pain treatments with actor Terry Crews (of White Chicks fame), using nothing but quick movements of their shoulders.

Credits: Giphy via The best Gifs and Facebook

Britain’s EU Referendum


Today, the UK decides in a nationwide referendum whether to leave (Brexit) or stay (Bremain) within the EU. There is a lot of impassioned debate on both sides, and much controversy too. What will the future hold for the UK-EU relationship?. Only time (and votes) will tell.

Credits: Radio New Zealand

Croc or log?

Based on a famous animation doing the rounds on social media, two African wildebeest debate whether the brown lumpy thing floating in the river is a hungry crocodile or a harmless log. A very interesting take on how we perceive things.

Credits: (Animated GIFs) and Tumblr via Gifs and Facebook