Come on, come down. I will help you!


An adult koala rescues a baby clinging terrified to a metal gate.

Credits: gifs via Gifopotamo, Animals Gifs and Pinterest



Father’s Day 2018



A cute Pusheen GIF dedicated to all the devoted dads out there. Someday I hope to celebrate this day with my future little ones…

Credits: Pusheen the cat via Pusheen and GIPHY

The Alcatraz kitten


This ninja kitten makes a unnoticed getaway, leaving the little girl wondering if she’s getting taken for a mug this Christmas.

Credits: Animated GIFs via Lale Omanovic, Best Fun and Facebook

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 318


No child support coming from meeeee! And to think most men celebrate becoming a father, not dodging it!

GIF: omfg_you_are_not_the_father                                                                         DATE: 16/04/2009

Credits: FOX 18 (Our Quad Cities) and Maury Show via Ratedesi Forums