Crisps the lazy way



When it’s a lazy Sunday and you are a serious guy when it comes to the lazy part…

Credits: Mike Judge and Greg Daniels via Reaction GIFs and GIPHY

That junk food dance



They dance in sin, full of sugar and E-numbers. Trying to tempt me from my days of healthy eating.

Credits: The Essex Gathering via GifCities and Internet Archive

The flighty thief of Greggs


A crafty seagull has been ruffling feathers in England, after it was filmed entering a branch of high street bakery Greggs in South Shields. It waits for the automatic doors to open, slips in quietly, picks up a bag of crisps (always the Walkers Salt & Vinegar variety) and calmly walks out without paying.

Credits: Metro, Animated GIFs, Giphy, and Facebook

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 99


In 2007, a seagull in Scotland made news headlines after it was videotaped walking into a convenience store in Aberdeen and then stepping out with bags of crisps (potato chips) in its beak. The winged shoplifter, affectionately called Sam, seemed to express a preference solely for cheese Doritos. Despite his life of crime, locals took a liking to Sam and even paid for the crisps he stole.

GIF: gull stealing a bag of crisps                                                                          DATE: 22/03/2008

Credits: Ratedesi Forums, BBC News

Wartime preparations (sponsored by Doritos Nacho Cheese)


The warriors of the video game Metal Gear Solid have an unusual way of preparing for battle. A faceful of the dust from a bag of Doritos Nacho Cheese. Whatever happened to camouflage paint?

Credits: Konami and via For The Love of Gundam, Garrett’s Gifs To The World and Facebook