Game boy


Vaporwave-packaged retro gaming goodness.

Credits: CHEEF via Google, EmoJoshDun and Pinterest


Street Fighter medley


Loads of coin-operated kung-fu action, flashing past like one of Ryu’s tornado kicks.

Credits: Final Street Fighter Website via GifCities and Internet Archive

Silicon Valley’s hidden apple


Apparently there’s an Apple headquarters tucked away somewhere in these opening credits to HBO show Silicon Valley. And it appears twice!

Credits: HBO via Cult of Mac


Ilaiya Thalapathi


As much as it sounds cool to believe, no I haven’t suddenly jumped from being a blogger to becoming a Tamil film superstar. But this GIF shot of the opening credits of a ‘mass’ blockbuster are in honour of Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar, who is considered one of the ‘gods’ of South Indian cinema, so at least I have a little claim to fame by name association!

Credits: Fasith Muhammed Profile and Blogger