Eggs, death and chips


This morning, my landlord’s brain-dead girlfriend decided to warm up the house with the strong aroma of fried eggs and chips (fries). Now I don’t find the smell of fry-ups objectionable at all, but this woman has a habit of leaving the gas on and disappearing off somewhere. No surprises, if one day she burns the kitchen down. Slow clap, Buk Lau, slow clap!! :/ 🍳 🔥 🏥

Credit: Metro

Biryani brawl


As any Mauritian family will tell you, biryani is a big thing for us. To prove my point, my Mum gave me enough of the ricey stuff to last two days. To be honest, if my Mum’s biryani went into a triple threat match with the Lakhnavi and Hyderabadi dishes in this GIF, it would make them both quit boxing and hang up their gloves. Mum’s cooking rules!!

Credit: Fortune Basmati Rice

Pizza be careful



These are some dopey pizza shop workers. Probably the same dudes who put on anchovies when you’ve specified extra pepperoni.

Credits: Animated GIFs and Tumblr via GiphyFatma Özsezer, GIFS to share. GIFS à partager. and Facebook

Jammy O’Liver – sundae specialist


I wouldn’t mind slipping out of the office for a sly chocolate ice-cream sundae (the proper kind, not the shop-bought kind), but the outside temp is 30C, and I don’t think I’ll make it that far. This GIF was based on a 2015 video of a roasted strawberries and cream milkshake made by milkshake-ologist Raiza Costa.

Credits: Jamie Oliver’s, Raiza Costa, Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube and YouTube via DrantonMason, imgur and Giphy