Rockets in space… and rocket on my plate


For dinner today, my gym session this morning motivated me to eat healthy, so I had chicken with a whole bag of wild rocket, a slightly bitter tasting leaf with only 27 calories per packet. No chopping required for the leaves.

Credit: The Low Carb Diabetic and Blogger




Online cookery tutorials so good even your cat wants to get involved. This post is dedicated to my sister Alia, who loves baking.

Credits: Animated GIFs via Kenneth Meacomes, More Animal Gifs and Google+

Chicken noodles


Would you say no to free food? My sister has a whole load of chicken noodles that her and her family can’t finish off and tomorrow my brother-in-law is stopping by to drop them off. That’s Monday night (or more likely Tuesday) dinner sorted.

Credit: Cider with Rosie


Flied lice


Stir-fry your rice, for that added kick. Plus it’s healthier.

Credit: Spoon University




I’ve attended a few BBQs in my time. One at my family’s house took ages to set up but the kebabs and burgers were awesome. Another, at a Stratford houseshare I lived in, descended into disaster after two of the guests got drunk and started fighting. Sometimes I think it is marginally safer to visit a Turkish grill place instead. But sunshine!

Credits: weisert7 via GifCities and Internet Archive


Flatbread pizzas


Make ’em like Margheritas – in only 10 minutes. Cheers to Luiz and Maria for their inspirational conversation that helped me set up this post.

Credit: The Daring Gourmet