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Here at Gifville, we’re nice people. We certainly do not encourage anyone to kill themselves, even if they’re some sad subterranean troll that likes to leave bad comments everywhere. But seriously, if you feel suicidal, please talk to someone, or speak with a sympathetic party such as the Samaritans. Life is a precious thing, don’t give up on it… and yourself.

GIF: you-should-kill-yourself-animated                                                            DATE: 13/06/2008

Credits: Ratedesi Forums

Prince George

Introducing Prince George, future heir to the British throne and son of Princess Kate and Prince William. Recently, Janet Street-Porter, a journalist, presenter and one of the hosts of mediocre gossip show Loose Women, branded the little Prince a ‘cross-dresser’ after being annoyed by his parents’ choice of traditional baby and toddler outfits.

A bit harsh on a two-year-old, don’t you think?. It’s not like he actually picks out his own clothes.

Credit: Giphy via Toronto Sun