Tile dance



Imagine having a bathroom with tiles like these. Although on second thoughts, it may not be so good if you stumble into the bathroom after a late night pub crawl.

Credits: Silvia Guimaraens via Silvia Guimaraens, GIPHY, Giphy, Klim Dmt, Trippy Geometric and Pinterest

The colour-changing rainbow cake


A really cool rainbow cake made by YouTube baker CharlotteSometimes. Turn the cake around and thanks to some amazing colour work on the icing, the cake appears to change colour as it spins. This post is dedicated to my colleague Olha, whose mum and daughter make great cakes.

Credits: CharlotteSometimes and YouTube GB via Anna Grangert and MY MODERN MET

Opulent geode


A geode (split rock) infilled with various small crystals. The surface of the geode’s rim and crystals appear to have been plated with a iridescent coating giving all the colours of the rainbow.

Credits: Vijay Shah via Far Arden Essentials, Psychedelic Apocalypse and Facebook

Xmas fibre optic roses – a little early!


Yes, Christmas is still three months away, and we haven’t seen Diwali yet, but this rose with its fibre optic-style shift in colours was not something I could keep wrapped up until the 25th, so enjoy this early gift.

Credits: Ilona via Susan Boyle Boyle, Gata Negra, LOVELY GIFS✿*ڰۣ*, Google+ and GMail