The simian number cruncher



In the good old days of the internet, many websites employed counters to declare how many visitors they received. In this case, a cheeky chimp is doing the duty, but the figures are as crazy as he is.

Credits: Honda CBR 929 RR Site via GifCities and Internet Archive

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 186


A clip from a K-Pop (Korean music) video, where the lady at the back is doing a strange chimp impression. Remember, this is the Far East. Anything goes.

GIF: korean monkey impersonator                                                                        DATE: 11/07/2008

Credits: Ratedesi Forums

The PG Tips Monkey


Monkey is the face of the British tea brand PG Tips. From a long line of chimps, he is probably the UK’s funniest crochetted animal, perhaps more so than many human comedians out there.

“Keep it tea!”

Credits: PG Tips via PG Tips and Giphy

Do not feed the MailChimps

Our General Integrity team use a program called MailChimp to collect responses from event mailshots and import them into our database. Outside my company, the program is often used for sending out bulk emails to a selection of subscribers.

 Credits: MailChimp via Product Hunt and Giphy

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 44


A member of one of the most notorious and bloodthirsty gangs on the Planet of the Apes, the Bananaz. PG Tips this lot ain’t.

GIF: 435421                                                                                                                         DATE: 08/12/2007

Credits: Ratedesi Forums

Drawing and splitting bananas

Today at work I ‘swung’ by my friend/colleague Aveer’s desk to chat about life, ladies and stuff. He had a banana on his desk which he tried offering me half of. I declined. Then I drew on his banana. Thankfully said banana complied, unlike the fruit being chased by the baby chimp above.

Credits: Elvis WeatherCock via Kathy Thompson,GIFS to share. GIFS à partager. and Facebook